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Aero Surveillance introduces a new partnership with Robot Aviation

06/13/2014 | By Aero Surveillance

Aero Surveillance introduces a new partnership with Robot Aviation
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Aero Surveillance announces a new technical and marketing partnership with Robot Aviation to jointly develop and market an advanced unmanned Long Endurance Tactical fixed wing surveillance system.

The first system coming from the collaboration is Aero Surveillance AS 450 based on the Sky Robot 450 aircraft. It has impressive performance and can carry up to 40 Kg of useful payload for up to 30 hours.

The AS 450 Unmanned Aircraft System is fitted with an advanced multi-sensor suite. The AS 450 provides extremely high configuration flexibility with three payload bays and two anchor points under the wings capable of carrying 15 kg each of extra fuel or additional payload.

The standard sensor suite will include a high performance gyro-stabilized electro-optical turret, a high performance multi-processor system with on board image and signal processing, large data storage and a combination of satellite and Line Of Sight transmission capabilities.

The ARDENT system and software suite from Aero Surveillance is based on Open Standards and can be customized very easily with new or additional sensors. Radar and SIGINT options will be made available in the near future.

The AS 450 standard configuration includes two aircraft with satellite communication capabilities and a Ground Control Station (GCS) that can be easily adapted into a fixed Command Control facility or mobile command centers. The GCS is common to all AS and ASV Series in order to reduce training requirements for customers that need different types of UAS.

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