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Airbus Defence and Space strengthens strategic Global Xpress® partnership with Inmarsat by signing new enterprise and defense agreements

03/12/2014 | By Airbus Defence and Space from press release

Enterprise sectors gain access to Global Xpress high-speed broadband subscription service , while Government customers get the opportunity to lease capacity on Global Xpress military Ka-band spot beams

Strategic agreement is part of Airbus Defence and Space’s newly launched AuroraGlobal, a suite of new high throughput satcom services

At Satellite 2014 in Washington DC, Airbus Defence and Space, the world’s second largest space company, and Inmarsat, the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services, have expanded their strategic agreement on Global Xpress high-speed broadband with two additional agreements covering the enterprise and defense markets.

The announcement adds new markets and services to the strategic Global Xpress distribution partnership agreement concluded in December 2013 and extends the delivery of the future Ka-band service to Airbus Defence and Space’s worldwide distribution channels and customer base.

With the new Enterprise agreement, Airbus Defence and Space will offer the Global Xpress subscription service to its large partner and customer base across a range of markets, including oil & gas, mining, energy, NGOs & humanitarian aid, and media, as well as large corporations. The new government sector agreement sets out leasing capacity on military Ka-band spot beams, in addition to subscription services already covered by the original agreement signed in December.

Global Xpress is the world’s first globally available high-speed broadband service delivered via a Ka-band satellite network. The full constellation of three Global Xpress satellites is on schedule to be fully deployed by the end of 2014.

“These extensions to Airbus Defence and Space’s agreement with Inmarsat further strengthen a long-standing partnership to the advantage of our customers, who improve their operations with Global Xpress, a major asset in our new AuroraGlobal offering,” said Evert Dudok, Head of Communications, Intelligence & Security at Airbus Defence and Space. “Airbus Defence and Space is Inmarsat’s number one distribution partner and we are eager to continue this strong relationship through Global Xpress.”

Rupert Pearce, CEO of Inmarsat said: “This is an important extension to the strategic agreement we signed with Airbus Defence and Space last year. Today’s announcement further highlights Airbus Defence and Space’s commitment to Global Xpress and reinforces the game-changing nature of Inmarsat’s $1.6bn investment in the next generation of high-throughput satellite services. Airbus Defence and Space operates in an unparalleled range of market segments and, together with their powerful network of service providers, will be able to offer our high-speed mobile broadband services to an extensive range of end users.”

The strategic global agreement between Airbus Defence and Space and Inmarsat now covers all key vertical markets, including the maritime, enterprise, government and defense sectors. It will encompass all service types – packaged services, bandwidth capacity, as well as commercial and military Ka-band.

The agreement is part of Airbus Defence and Space’s newly launched AuroraGlobal, a suite of new high throughput satcom services. This new offer, available today, provides the best value next generation satcom-enabled solutions using Airbus Defence and Space’s global multi-band network and brings customers one step closer to next generation satcom such as Global Xpress.

Airbus Defence and Space meets specific customer requirements for every sector by combining a wide array of satellite connectivity services with the largest range of innovative solutions. In the maritime industry, Airbus Defence and Space covers transportation, leisure and fishing, cruise and ferry, as well as offshore. In the Enterprise sector, Airbus Defence and Space provides high quality telecom services to land-based customers including oil and gas, mining, large-scale events, non-governmental organizations and large corporate entities worldwide. In the government sector, Airbus Defence and Space is the world’s primary private sector military satcom service supplier. Some of the most modern armed forces in the world figure among Airbus Defence and Space customers, including UK, France, Germany, USA, and NATO.

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