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ATR and AZUL sign a new contract for global maintenance

04/15/2015 | Airbus

ATR and AZUL sign a new contract for global maintenance
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ATR and the Brazilian airline AZUL signed a contract to renew the global maintenance of the carrier's ATR fleet, made up of almost 60 aircraft, mostly ATR 72-600s and ATR 72-500s. This GMA (Global Maintenance Agreement) is for duration of five years, and includes the provision of a stock of spare parts at the company's facilities, including mainly LRUs (Line Replacement Units). The agreement also included the management of the repairs of these parts and restocking them through a pool, and an availability and repair service for propeller blades and landing gear. Through this agreement, AZUL will also have access to the new warehouse that ATR is about to open in São Paulo, in partnership with Helibras.

ATR and AZUL previously signed an initial contract for global maintenance in 2010. Approximately a third of the ATR fleet worldwide is currently covered by GMAs with the manufacturer.

Cesar Okajima, Director of the AZUL Supply Chain, declared: "Given the size of our ATR fleet, it is essential that we ensure that we have quick access to a large stock of spare parts for our aircraft. Likewise, it is important for us to be able to rely on the expertise and knowledge of the manufacturer regarding the management of repairs for certain parts and equipment. The success of our operations is based on our joint capabilities to ensure efficient availability of all stock and services."

Lilian Braylé, ATR's Senior Vice-President Product Support and Services, stated: "The contract renewal strengthens the cooperation that we have built together since the arrival of the first ATR aircraft in the airline's fleet in 2010. Thanks to new partnerships that we are currently setting up in Brazil, we will have the opportunity to offer AZUL increased services and even more responsiveness in terms of their requirements for spare parts and repair services. We are delighted to be able to contribute to AZUL's deployment and to the consolidation of its success as a benchmark airline in Brazil."

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