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Boeing’s Spectrolab Manufactures Record 4 Millionth Space Solar Cell

12/02/2014 | Boeing

Boeing’s Spectrolab Manufactures Record 4 Millionth Space Solar Cell
© Photo credit: Boeing
Boeing subsidiary Spectrolab is the first company to produce 4 million gallium arsenide based solar cells for use in space. The cells have powered more than 380 spacecraft flights in more than 23 years.

Spectrolab, the leading provider of space solar cells and solar panels, provides products to the commercial satellite industry, the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA and domestic and global aerospace companies.

"Spectrolab cells are providing power for the International Space Station, and hundreds of satellites and other spacecraft that help keep our world connected with communications and information,” said Troy Dawson, president of Spectrolab. “Our extensive space solar cell experience, combined with continuing investments in the business and technology, continues to strengthen our competitiveness in both space and ground-based markets.”

Since 1956, Spectrolab has continued to make technological advances, most recently creating a new solar cell wafer that is projected to reduce customer costs by up to 15 percent, through design and manufacturing improvements.

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