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Dassault Aviation Delivers First Falcon 7X Equipped with Falcon Sphere

11/14/2013 | By Dassault Falcon from Press Release

Dassault is poised to deliver the first Falcon 7X equipped with Falcon Sphere, a new-generation paperless flight software suite designed for use with the popular CMA 1100 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) provided by CMC.

Falcon Sphere consists of a Dassault-designed touch-based user interface and a full set of Falcon-tailored EFB applications, including Dassault’s new Falcon Manuals app. Falcon Manuals allows the crew to access cross-referenced flight documentation customized to each aircraft configuration, for quick, easy browsing and a virtually paperless cockpit.
The new EFB suite supports a broad range of applications, including Dassault in-house performance calculation apps such as Falcon Perf and the Electronic Performance Manual (which facilitate take-off and cruise performance computations, respectively) and CMA 1100-compatible third party applications like Jeppesen FliteDeck, Honeywell WINN/XM Weather.

“Falcon Sphere brings highly interactive, next generation flight documentation into the EASy cockpit. Combined with Dassault performance computation software and other applications, this new suite adds unprecedented operational value to the CMA 1100 EFB,” said Frédéric Leboeuf, Vice President, Falcon Operational Support.

Falcon Sphere will henceforth be standard on all EFBs delivered on Falcon 7X aircraft. It will shortly be released for the 900LX and 2000S/LX models as well.

Starting in early 2014, the suite will also be proposed as a retrofit on the 350-plus Falcon EASy aircraft already equipped with CMA 1100 EFBs.

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