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Dassault Aviation Launches “Falcon Elite II” Avionics Package

11/14/2013 | By Dassault Falcon from Press Release

Dassault Aviation has introduced a new avionics upgrade package for Falcon 900C and 900EX operators that will significantly enhance the capability of their aircraft.

Dubbed “Falcon Elite II”, the new upgrade includes functionalities that will allow operators to comply with air traffic management mandates such as ADS-B Out, that will reduce crew workload or enable the use of beneficial new approach procedures like WAAS-LPV and RNP.

“Our goal is to continuously bring new products and services to market that keep the Falcon fleet at the cutting edge of technology while enhancing aircraft capabilities and value for our operators,” said David Lamb, Vice President Sales & Marketing of Dassault Aircraft Services. “Falcon Elite II will be the first step in a new line of avionics improvements that can be installed as a package or à la carte, catering to each Falcon operator’s operational needs and maintenance schedule.”

In addition, Falcon Elite II can replace existing Cathode Ray Tube MDUs (Multifunction Display Units) with more modern and reliable LCD displays. Combined with a new cursor control device, this upgrade utilizes the processing power inherent in LCD displays to support electronic moving maps, electronic charts, XM weather charts and other new flight deck features.

The Falcon Elite II upgrade package was developed in conjunction with Honeywell, which provided engineering support as well as test bench validation. Falcon Elite II can be installed by any Dassault owned Service Center as well as by most Falcon Authorized Service Centers (ASCs).

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