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Dassault Delivers 100th Falcon Equipped with FalconBroadcast

11/27/2014 | Dassault Aviation

Dassault Delivers 100th Falcon Equipped with FalconBroadcast
© Dassault Aviation
Dassault Aviation has delivered the 100th Falcon equipped with Dassault’s new FalconBroadcast airborne health monitoring tool.

First introduced in 2012 on the Falcon 7X, FalconBroadcast enables operators to begin troubleshooting unscheduled maintenance events while the aircraft is still in the air, reducing aircraft downtime. It is designed to be hosted on any Falcon equipped with Dassault’s award-winning EASy cockpit, and is currently available on Falcon 7X, 2000S, 2000LXS and 900LX models and will be available on the Falcon 8X.

“FalconBroadcast’s real-time event tracking capability allows maintenance teams to identify and quickly resolve issues that might otherwise lead to an AOG situation,” says Jacques Chauvet, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Customer Service. “Feedback from operators shows they truly appreciate the exceptional reactivity the service offers.”

More than two thirds of all new-build Falcon buyers opt to activate the FalconBroadcast option, and almost 100% of customers renew their subscription when it comes to term.

FalconBroadcast permits event messages generated by the Central Maintenance Computer to be transmitted to Dassault (either by satellite or VHF radio communications link), where it is automatically processed and forwarded, via an email alert, to the operator’s ground personnel. The operator can then log onto the Falcon web portal to access detailed reports outlining the history, timeline and causes of the event and if need be, order parts and tooling to fix it while the aircraft is still in the air.

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