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Eurocopter brings its EC175 and EC145 T2 to Asia for a three-week demonstration tour of these new twin-engine helicopters

12/02/2013 | By Eurocopter from Press Release

Eurocopter brings its EC175 and EC145 T2 to Asia for a three-week demonstration tour of these new twin-engine helicopters
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Two of Eurocopter’s newest members in its twin-engine helicopter family – the next-generation EC175 and evolved EC145 T2 – are coming to Asia for a three-week demonstration tour with operators in the oil and gas, VIP, corporate, charter, military and law enforcement segments.

In addition to providing opportunities to experience the performance and capabilities of these rotorcraft, Eurocopter’s Asian tour also will include a two-day symposium for the oil and gas sector, where the region’s operators and customers will participate in presentations and workshops related to off-shore helicopter missions – with topics ranging from support and services to safety and training.

During the December 2-19 tour, Malaysia and Thailand will be visited by the EC145 T2 and EC175, with Vietnam also on the EC175’s schedule. During the trip, Eurocopter will underscore the strategy of being in close proximity with its customers around the world, which is particularly important for the highly-demanding oil and gas sector.

The two-day oil and gas seminar is to take place in Kuala Lumpur during the Malaysian stopover. This continues such informational meetings organized by Eurocopter during the past 10 years, bringing together international operators, potential new customers and oil companies in a setting that encourages open dialogue among all stakeholders.

“Our upcoming tour enables operators to experience first-hand how the EC175 and EC145 T2 respond to the dynamic Asian market’s requirements for heliborne services across a broad range of missions,” explained Olivier Lambert, Eurocopter’s Senior Vice President for Sales and Customer Relations. “In addition, the oil and gas seminar is an excellent forum for the exchange of information and experience in this challenging operational sector for helicopters.”

Eurocopter is bringing the first production EC175 for the Asian tour, with this rotorcraft configured for oil and gas airlift duties. The EC145 T2 deployed for Eurocopter’s Asian visits is in a corporate configuration, following its presence in the Persian Gulf region for flight demonstrations in Abu Dhabi and at the Dubai Airshow. Also highlighted during the Asian tour’s Malaysian stopover will be the EC175’s adaptability to the executive and VIP markets. Its executive version seats 9-12 passengers, with a full-scale EC175 mockup being displayed in Kuala Lumpur configured with seating for 10.

The EC175 has become the benchmark medium-sized twin-engine helicopter for a full range of applications, including oil and gas airlift duties, search and rescue, emergency medical services, public services, VIP and executive transport. Its fast cruise speed and excellent flight qualities respond to the full spectrum of oil and gas industry missions – with the best performance, safety, and cost efficiency in terms of operations and maintenance.

Enhancing the EC175’s high levels of mission flexibility and safety is its new Helionix avionics suite, which extends the superiority of in-flight envelope protection, pilot assistance and situational awareness that have been proven on Eurocopter’s EC225 helicopter.
EASA certification of the EC175 is targeted in early 2014, which will be the final program step prior to deliveries for the first three customers the same year.

The EC145 T2 is an evolved version of Eurocopter’s popular twin-engine EC145, incorporating new double Fadec Arriel 2E engines along with the company’s Fenestron shrouded tail rotor, upgraded main and tail rotor gear boxes; as well as a new innovative digital avionics suite with 4-axis autopilot.

By applying Fenestron technology to the EC145 T2, Eurocopter brings this tail rotor’s benefits in terms of improved flight and ground safety, enhanced anti-torque control efficiency, reduced power demand in forward flight, lower noise and vibration levels. For its use on the EC145 T2, the Fenestron has a new-design tail gear box with lower maintenance costs, and incorporates a duplex tail rotor actuator and dual hydraulic circuits. It is installed in a new damage-tolerant, all-composite tail boom.

The EC145 T2’s certification and start-up of deliveries are planned in 2014.

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