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First day for Heathrow’s new CEO

07/02/2014 | By Heatrhow

First day for Heathrow’s new CEO
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The new CEO of Heathrow, John Holland-Kaye, announced on his first day in the role his commitment to improve conditions in schools impacted by Heathrow’s operations.

Holland-Kaye spent the afternoon of his first day meeting with pupils and staff at Cranford Primary School and Hounslow Heath School. He listened to their concerns and suggestions as to how Heathrow can work with them to reduce the impact of aircraft flying over the schools. Following the visits, Holland-Kaye met with Cllr Steve Curran, the new Leader of Hounslow Council to discuss how Heathrow can better support the Council’s priorities for improving school facilities and teaching in the Borough.

The CEO committed to complete the glazing programme by April 2015, subject to support from local authorities and schools to allow the works to take place. Holland-Kaye saw that air conditioning was a less intrusive solution to venting the schools and will push for it to be installed where possible. He also discussed how to help make more significant improvements to local schools as well as creating 50,000 more local jobs if the government should ask Heathrow to expand.

While at the schools, Holland-Kaye was shown improvements in noise insulation and mitigation that Heathrow has already funded. This includes adobe buildings, secondary glazing and roof insulation. Both Head Teachers Kathryn Harper Quinn and Meena Walia told him that while grateful for the funds Heathrow has already provided, more needs to be done. Heathrow has organised for the current noise insulation programme for schools to be reviewed by local leaders from all the neighbouring boroughs over the summer through regular meetings with the CEO.

Holland-Kaye said of his first day: ‘My first day as Heathrow’s CEO is an opportunity to outline our commitments for the future. Improved local community engagement is at the top of the list, which is why I have prioritised these discussions today. As I’ve seen and heard today, there are many opportunities for Heathrow to work in partnership with local schools. I want to make sure we are giving local children the best education and training to develop their careers at Heathrow. One day one of them could be doing my job - they are certainly smart enough - we just need to give them the chance to fulfil their potential.’

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