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Heathrow 2013 sustainability performance summary

05/22/2014 | by Heathrow from press release

Heathrow 2013 sustainability performance summary
© Heathrow
Heathrow has released its annual report for 2013, tracking developments against its 2020 sustainability goals. 2013 was a year for launching several new measures to improve Heathrow as a responsible business and a year of records of achievement.

Heathrow’s key milestones achieved in 2013 were:

Launched a £1.8million adobe scheme offering 21 local schools £85,000 each to install eco-friendly “Adobe” huts in their playgrounds
Completed construction of Heathrow Terminal 2, our most sustainable terminal powered by 20% renewable energy. As a result, we achieved the world’s first BREEAM rating for an airport terminal
Heathrow Academy placed a record 525 people from the local community into long term careers in retail, construction and aviation and logistics.
The Heathrow Clean Vehicles Partnership celebrated 10 years operating. The partnership of 22 Heathrow companies has reduced emissions from 3,000 vehicles through trials of new, cleaner vehicle types and sharing best practice.
Invested £750,000 in the Heathrow Community Trust and £1m in the Hillingdon Community Trust. Both trusts invest in grants for local projects and support a wide range of community focussed projects, including The Waterman’s Art Centre who received £25,000 to help fund Urban Ambush, a four-week festival of creative programmes for young people from Ealing, Hounslow and Hillingdon during the summer of 2013.

Heathrow’s continued commitment to collaborative working across the airport community via the Heathrow Sustainability Partnership has had a large part to play in progress made during 2013. Working closely with the airlines was crucial to launching Heathrow’s Fly Quiet programme to encourage quieter, cleaner aircraft and improve operating procedures. Several airlines have already been extremely responsive in working with Heathrow to improve their ranking. Investing in local community was also crucial and all 21 schools are hoping to take part in the adobe scheme.

Heathrow has also launched “Responsible Heathrow 2020”; which brings our existing sustainability efforts together to make more accessible our 2020 goals to reduce Heathrow’s environmental impacts; support economic growth and invest in communities; while looking after passengers and people. Aligned to Heathrow’s 5 year business plan, Responsible Heathrow’s 2020 goals are supported by detailed strategies and action plans for each issue area.

Matt Gorman, Heathrow’s Sustainability & Environment Director said; “Heathrow’s purpose is to make every journey better, and operating the airport responsibly is an intrinsic part of this. 2013 was a strong year for us as we continue to be a good neighbour to our local communities, to manage our environmental impact and maximise the economic benefits that Heathrow brings. Responsible Heathrow is a clear and compelling plan which sets stretching targets to 2020 and we hope it will encourage our airport community to work with us to improve our perfromance year on year.”

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