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Paramount Business Jets First to Market with Transparent Wholesale Jet Card Memberships

01/21/2014 | By Paramount Business Jets press release

Paramount Business Jets First to Market with Transparent Wholesale Jet Card Memberships
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Paramount Business Jets (PBJ), a worldwide private jet charter advisory firm built on core principles of Trust and Transparency, recently introduced the next logical step in the evolution of charter jet cards. The new Paramount Business Jets Platinum Services Jet Card and Black Card Membership programs provide the most cost-effective methods available for flying privately today, by offering direct from operator, true wholesale pricing on any aircraft available for charter.

Both programs come with On-demand charter, with as little as 3 hours' notice, on safe and reliable quality aircraft, anywhere in the world, professional flight tracking services, and full VIP concierge services.

"We are the first in the aircraft charter industry to introduce a jet card with a guaranteed transparent direct from operator, wholesale pricing," said Eric Ammon, Senior Vice-President of Sales and Services at Paramount Business Jets. "No broker I know of reveals their true mark up, except for PBJ. The typical mark up by brokers in the industry is between 15-30% and sometimes more on empty legs. We offer our clients wholesale pricing plus a 10 to 11% fixed management fee, depending on the program.

"For example," Ammon continued, "a Gulfstream IV flying from London to New York typically sells between 60,000 to 70,000 USD in the retail marketplace, but can be bought by the broker for as little as 40,000 USD. Our Black Card Members would pay 40,000 USD plus a 10% fixed management fee or a total of 44,000 USD for the same aircraft when available."

Program Members may also take advantage of PBJ's exclusive 100 Point Air Charter Advisory Service -- a detailed checklist of 100+ factors affecting most private jet charters worldwide, including crew and equipment; weather impacts along the trip route; and FAA and Department of Transportation (DOT) safety and security requirements.

Additionally, a Personal Jet Smart Expert reviews and compares every Card Member's trip in accordance with the Comprehensive Air Charter Advisory. "This pre-screening of every possible issue helps to ensure a completely seamless charter experience," said Paramount Business Jets founder and CEO Richard Zaher.

"It's like having an entire flight department at your disposal to coordinate all aspects of your trip, and monitor your travel experience from beginning to end -- all at never before available wholesale pricing," Ammon added.

Black Card Members also have access to wide-body aircraft, including Boeing Business Jets (BBJs) and Airbus Corporate Jets, as well as additional concierge perks, and the added convenience of securing any aircraft worldwide using their smartphone.

"Simply put, these new Jet Card options provide a better value alternative to traditional fixed-rate programs, and a bird's eye view of what the market has to offer transparently," Zaher concluded.

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