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Safran Aerospace Museum opens new Space wing

10/17/2014 | by Safran

Safran Aerospace Museum opens new Space wing
© Eric Drouin
The Safran Aerospace Museum in Réau, near Paris, officially opened its new Space wing today, in a ceremony attended by Jean-Luc Marx, Prefect of the Seine et Marne department, and Jean-Paul Herteman, Chairman and CEO of Safran. During the recent European Heritage Days on the weekend of September 20-21, the museum welcomed nearly 4,000 visitors.

The new permanent exhibition space, covering more than 500 square meters (5,400 sq ft), is dedicated to launcher and satellite propulsion, and recounts Safran’s contribution to the French and European space programs. Safran wanted to spotlight the people and technologies that have made it the world’s second leading company for cryogenic and solid propulsion and Number 1 in Europe for plasma (electric) propulsion.

The new wing is organized around a scenic display that shows the evolution of launcher and satellite propulsion, while also highlighting Safran’s employees who have contributed to the conquest of space. "We want to pay tribute to their key roles," said Safran Chairman and CEO during the inauguration ceremony. "Safran is fully aware of how the accomplishments of the past ensure a strong future for the Group. Above all, we realize what we owe to the daring industrial visionaries who built the foundations and enabled us to grow and progress."

The creation of the new Space wing demanded a comprehensive inventory, extensive research and the acquisition of new collections. The museum was able to add new pieces to its collection, including an MPS solid booster from Europe’s Ariane 5 launcher, the combustion chamber from the Véronique sounding rocket, and the fairing from the Vesta sounding rocket.

The exhibition was designed for the general public, enabling them to understand how satellites and launchers are powered, along with several basic scientific concepts. The exhibition is organized in three main sections:
- The birth of space propulsion in people’s imagination – literature and legend.
- The development of launch vehicle propulsion, from the Second World War to Ariane,
- The history of satellite propulsion.
For the first time, the museum has set up a special part of the exhibition for children (10 and older), with appropriate content allowing these youngsters to understand the scientific principles and challenges of space propulsion.

To mark this new wing, the Safran Aerospace Museum will be open to the public on the weekends of October 18 and 19, and 25 and 26, from 2:00 to 6:00 pm.

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