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SWISS well present at AIR14 in Payerne

08/26/2014 | By Swiss
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Swiss International Air Lines will be well represented at the coming AIR14 air show, which will be held in Payerne, Western Switzerland from 30 August to 7 September. In addition to flypasts on the two Saturdays by one of its Airbus A330s, SWISS will be offering aviation fans a range of attractions at its dedicated stand. And youngsters can take advantage of the “Dream Job Street” facility throughout the event to find out about possible careers with The Airline of Switzerland.

AIR14 will take place at the Payerne Air Force Base in Western Switzerland. The event, which is being held to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Swiss Air Force back in 1914, promises to be one of Europe’s biggest air shows this year. And SWISS will be there, too, offering visitors an intriguing insight into the airline world.

One of the event’s prime attractions for youngsters is likely to be its Dream Job Street fair, at which they can find out about careers in the aviation sector, including at SWISS, from pilot and cabin crew training to working in technical services and elsewhere on the ground. At the attractive SWISS stand, the various job profiles will be vividly illustrated by such “concrete” items as an aircraft engine, an on-board galley and one of the Diamond aircraft used by its Swiss AviationTraining subsidiary. The stand will also feature a simulator on which visitors will be able to try their hand at landing at Zurich Airport.

SWISS personnel will be in attendance throughout to answer any questions about the company and its business and operations. And from Monday to Thursday schoolchildren will be offered special brief information sessions providing more in-depth insights into the SWISS career world – including the chance to experience a pilots’ briefing, a cabin crew briefing and a taste of some practical training.

Air display with SWISS A330

On 30 August and 6 September at 10.50 am – the AIR14 flying programme will also feature an air display by a SWISS Airbus A330 in formation with the Patrouille Suisse, the Swiss Air Force’s aerobatic display team. And the three A330 pilots are expected to make their own appearance at the SWISS stand in the course of the afternoon to talk about their flight.

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