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Twenty-three Fokker aircraft placed in 2013

01/21/2014 | By Fokker Services from press release

Fokker Services, part of Fokker Technologies, announces that a total of twenty-three Fokker aircraft were placed with twelve existing and three new Fokker operators in 2013 by their respective aircraft sellers and lessors. These comprise twelve Fokker 50’s and eleven Fokker 100’s.

As various operators are holding on to their fleets of Fokker aircraft longer than anticipated, the number of available aircraft did not grow as expected, leading to fewer placements than in the previous two years.

‘Operational versatility, modest fuel burn, low capital costs and continued support are the key drivers why existing operators keep adding to their fleets and indeed why new ones are taking on Fokker aircraft’, says Fokker Services’ Director of Aircraft Remarketing Peter van Oostrum. ‘Large-scale implementation of recent product improvements like the installation of RNP0.3, ADS-B Out, light-weight ACRO seats or cabin LED lighting, as well as continued high technical dispatch reliability have all helped in maintaining the attractiveness of the Fokker aircraft’, he adds.

In Europe regional carriers Air Vallée, Directflyg and Minoan each added one Fokker 50 to their fleet.

Latin American operators Air Panamá and ATSA, from Perú, continue to see merits in the Fokker 50 and have added a total of five to their fleets.

Similarly, CAA Congo and Kenya’s Skyward have expanded their Fokker 50 fleets with one aircraft each.

In Asia, Kazakhstan Fokker 100 operators Bek Air and Investavia, dba Caspiy, have also expanded their fleets by a total of five Fokker 100’s, while in Mongolia Hunnu Airlines increased its Fokker 50 fleet to three. In Indonesia, AsiaLink Cargo is supplementing its F27 fleet with a Fokker 50 Full Freighter.

Virgin Australia Regional Airlines added a couple more Fokker 100’s to its fleet. Air Niugini celebrated its fortieth anniversary in great style: commemorating forty years of continuous Fokker operations while expanding its Fokker 100 fleet by one, increasing its fleet size to seven.

An additional 3 Fokker 100s were placed with 2 undisclosed operators.

During the third quarter of 2013, KLM Cityhopper announced to phase out seven Fokker 70 from January 2014 onwards. As of the date of this press release six aircraft had already been contracted with two operators, which are both new to the Fokker 70.

Fokker Services does not sell nor lease Fokker aircraft. Rather, it facilitates placements by sellers and lessors through its FLYFokker programs, in addition to providing comprehensive support to Fokker aircraft operators throughout the world

At present there are more than 500 Fokker aircraft operational across the world. The Fokker aircraft has earned a reputation for advanced technologies, comfort, operational reliability, low noise level and durability. Many consider the Fokker among the best mid-size aircraft ever built, or as Arni Gunnarsson, Managing Director, Air Iceland puts it ‘I look forward to another 10 years of successful Fokker 50 operations.'

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